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10 Minute Awakening

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10 Minute Awakening is specifically designed to awaken you and open up your mind, body and spirit to start living a better more fulfilling life. To begin manifesting anything you want in life.


10 Minute Awakening

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  1. I am a Senior citizen and has pretty much had a good mind and memory for a lot of years. But there has always been that feeling that there was so much more that I could accomplish. As your video played I was reminded again that I could have done a lot more with the right resources and a more prepared mindset. I am a long way from giving in to settling or being satisfied with what I have accomplished. I too have dreams and ambitions that have not been fulfilled. I plan on living for many more years. I thank you for the opportunity of your resources. After I have used the material I will write a testimony about how it helped me.

  2. I’ve been diligently working to rewire my brain and manifest my dream life for over a year now. I’m a whole hearted believer in this process and have seen many results. However, consistently attempting to master and rewire my mind and subconscious has been quite the challenge. I went on a Easter egg hunt with the universe just yesterday and let it guide me in my attempt to manifest 100k in a day. It’s been a goal of mine for quite sometime now, a challenge I’ve been dying to conquer to prove the abundance mindset and power of manifestation. Upon the conclusion of my journey yesterday I was left with several “messages by the road.” I know for a fact that this is the golden egg I was looking for, and I finally have the key to unlocking my full potential. So thank you for being faithful to your purpose and journey, and I look forward to working with you in this life.

  3. Money problems,love life how to become an entrepreneur,I have no friends, my health is not good I need help I tried everything nothing worked.I have family problems as well I need help.I have no luck in anything I go after.

  4. Hello... I am 71 yrs old woman who is having a very serious time in the later years of my life. I developed kidney disease and am on dialysis now. I am on the kidney transplant list and hopng for a good kidney soon. In the meantime, I am unable to work and have to live on $2100 per month (my soc sec). My monthly expenses run approx $5k per month so the stress and anxiety of not being able to work is pushing me over the edge. I am trying to do some work from home and just checking on some projects now. BUT... I need some help financially and I am hoping that this program will help me live the last part of my life on this earth in a better financial position than I am in today.

  5. I recently had an amputation (my left leg) and it turned my world upside down. I am trying my best to pick up the pieces and continue but it is hard. No job, no income and basically very little mobility (wheelchair) means a long uphill struggle. I also carry lots of painful baggage from my childhood that is causing my nightmares as an adult. I am intelligent and yet people much less intelligent than me are screaming successes. I hold 3 university qualifications, yet I am basically nowhere. I really need help to climb out of this endless pit ...

  6. I was born with a natural gift. As I got older though, I became afraid of it - what I could do - so I suppressed it. Now, I realize what I was trying to hide and I want it back. I believe your program will allow me to achieve my goal and not only regain my gift, but increase it.

  7. I am having serious money problems. I am disabled and I lost my disability, my house, my kids. I feel like my life has no meaning. I just want to feel better so I can be better.

  8. I am tired of things that don't work as they claim. I am in transition to be a better person less the fear, worry, doubt and past negative programming. I feel deep inside that this will indeed work and am willing to give it a shot to better myself for myself.

    I want to be the free person that I know that I can be.

  9. I am 70 years old and retired. i bought an amazing apartment but the builder went bankrupt. There are six apartments with young professional owners and I am the only single person in the building. Obviously they wanted to finish the building to a high standard consequently I was left heavily in debt. Although I have a good pension this is eaten up by my mortgage, high taxes and utility bills so nothing left to enjoy my retirement. I bought this product because I believe that I can change my mind to help me get the life I want to lead.

  10. This is the path that the Lord has chosen for me to walk! And the direction to all the good things he’s sending my way! I follow where he leads me!

  11. I have been abused since I was 4 years old in all areas of abuse. I am now 50 years old. I am on my on now with my children and am finally getting to speak for my self. I am getting to find out what I like to do and what I want in life. So I am creating me.

  12. have confidence to overcome fear of failure to write my books and help overcoming physical problems.

  13. I am disabled and cant work. I'm trying to get back my disability but it has been a long hard road for me. my sister is a doctor and my mom and dad praise her but I get nothing except that im a disappointment to them. I cant help it im sick. they bought me a house and now ten years later they tell me they are selling it and I have to figure something out. I have no money no friends and now no house. I need help.thank you so very much for the program but there must be something wrong with me because it's not working. i have done everything i was told to do. again please help because I'm falling apart on the inside.

  14. I’m a 39 year old disabled newly widowed mother of 3 amazing young adults. Financially devastated from the tragic Unexpected loss of my husband in mid Oct 2019. He was driving his mothers Jeep an lost control. His mother accidentally let her insurance laps so there was no money to pay final expenses. Since then it’s been one tragedy after another, until I had a premonition last month opening my eyes wide! I’m grieving myself to death it’s actually effecting my health an my hair is actually falling out severally! An the stress of not being able to provide for my last child at home financially is torture! Not seeing what the universe is actually trying to tell me!! And so began my Devine wake up call started again since I’m determined an attempting to heal my pain through Spirituality an faith that we are all spiritual beings in a physical form so there for I have to change my thinking an realization that he’s still with me I can an will do this for my kids an In his name!! RIH My love My soulmate! I started this program a week before he passed an then my life was ripped from my chest. I did notice changes in my life small but amazing!!

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